Hassle-free ways of fixing and preventing split ends problem

Hair is an essential beauty element. Healthy, silky and shiny hair is what every woman wants. However, most of us lack adequate knowledge of maintaining hair health and preventing split ends, that is, broken hair. Here are a few proven tips for fixing and preventing split ends problem.

Hassle-free ways for fixing and preventing split ends problem

* Trim your hair once in three months. This will fix split ends. Trimming makes hair healthier. You can trim long hair easily at home. But if you have the option to go to parlor, do so.

* Use comb with wide tooth for combing and detangling your hair. Wide tooth combs are much more comfortable to use, and it causes less pressure on your hair. Don’t use metal brush to comb hair. It makes hair rough.

* Wet hair is very sensitive. Don’t rub hair too much while washing. It makes hair break easily. After washing, dry it with a soft towel.

* Hair dryers make hair rough. As a result, split ends occur. So try to avoid using hair dryers. Use a table or stand fan to dry your hair quickly if you must. If you need to use dryer then set the speed to low or warm level.

* Get oil massage twice a week. This will nourish hair roots.

* If you dye, perm or apply another treatment that tends to weaken your hair, make sure to have an interval between those treatments. For instance, take a 2-week pause after applying new hair color, after which you can safely go for rebounding. This will minimize the harmful effect on your hair in case you decide to apply those treatments.

* Apply henna paste on hair twice a month. Henna serves as nutrient for hair, which reduces tendency of split ends.

* Yogurt is a great product for revitalizing your hair. Take an egg, mix it with two tablespoons of yogurt and apply on hair. After 15-20 minutes rinse thoroughly with shampoo. This will make hair strong as well as shiny.

* During oil massage, try to use hot oil. Hot oil massage increases blood circulation in scalp, which makes hair healthier.

* Always remember to wash your hair well after using shampoo or conditioner, or you might develop dandruff problem.

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