BDTIPS will not pay incentive to article writers anymore started its journey back in 2008. It's been a roller coaster ride for BDTIPS ever since it began to crawl. BDTIPS started its journey with one intention only; it was to do an honest business. The business was about earning income through engaging netizens in constructive online activities (article writing and posting) much like the then very popular hubpages. For BDTIPS it was to engage them in writing good unique articles for BDTIPS for a very small incentive. In order to pay the visitors, BDTIPS needed a solid income. But within a year, BDTIPS was denied its contextual ad provider's approval due to the nature of the business and the duplicate contents that were being published. BDTIPS couldn't generate any good income any more to pay the visitors.

However, against all odds, BDTIPS tried to make the business sustain. It kept paying visitors till 2013 (conceding great loss on its part), which is evident from the acknowledgement posts of contributors (article writers) on this fan page of BDTIPS. Later on, due to coding problems, BDTIPS crashed and could never stand on its feet again.

Someone said, 'Winning and losing doesn't matter as long as you have humanity in your heart.' Humanity lies in the heart of BDTIPS. It's only intention has been to engage netizens in something constructive. BDTIPS tried, but it didn't help in its survival. Now, it's time for BDTIPS to move on.

We wouldn't stretch this post any more. Today, we are here to announce a new beginning for You can't earn on anymore. But will still be there. You are welcome to visit us.

We thank our visitors and fans for their continuous support and trust. This fan page will always be yours. You may keep discussing anything constructive on this page.

We hope, you'll keep us in your heart just like we have.