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BdTips is a convenient platform for amateur article writers to engage and improve their writing skills. Since the beginning of its journey in 2009, BdTips tried to give the web-addict generation an outlet to knowledge, and creativity. BdTips encouraged hundreds of general internet users to write and share their knowledge. The little incentive that BdTips pays its members for posting articles inspired hundreds of young minds to write. BdTips does not only provide a platform to write, it also provides a networking platform for writers. As a result, despite the inability to offer anything more than a nominal amount ($1*) per published article, BdTips has received enormous support, and compliments from its visitors.

BdTips has been trying to simplify and improve its features to benefit members and visitors. Recently, BdTips has made some big changes. It has simplified the entire earning system. The following passages will tell you how easily and effectively an amateur article writer can earn from BdTips.

Make money online on BdTips

You have to sign up with BdTips in order to earn money. Sign up is free. In fact, you will never pay BdTips. You will only earn from here.

However, you have to have good writing skills in English to earn from BdTips. You can write about any topic except those that are controversial, racial, political, violent, religiously insensitive, and adult in nature. As long as your article or essay is original, unique and never been published elsewhere, BdTips will be happy to publish it.

Based on the merit of your article or essay, BdTips may grade it as A, B, or C when publishing. An A grade article will earn you $1, whereas B and C grade articles will earn you $0.75, and $0.5 respectively. However, an article must be 30 days old to earn the maximum amount based on its grading. You can withdraw money once you have earned BDT 500 or USD 10.

BdTips should not be taken as a regular income source. You cannot make a good amount of money from BdTips. BdTips will not publish more than one article of any single member a day. So, even in the best case, your highest possible income per month can be no more than $30.

How will you be paid?

As mentioned earlier, you are eligible to withdraw your income once you have earned BDT 500 or USD 10. You can see your earning progress in MY INCOME section.

BdTips will pay you in three different ways:

1. PAYPAL (applicable to members of any country except Bangladesh).

2. Bank Deposit: Your earning will be deposited in your Bangladeshi Bank Account (Your earning must be at least BDT 1000).

3. Cell Phone Balance Recharge: You will be provided the codes of Prepaid or Postpaid recharge card worth BDT 500. (Your earning must be at least BDT 500).


BdTips does not guarantee any fixed income or substantial amount of income every month. It is just a fun based earning system where a small incentive is paid to encourage general internet users to constructive activities on net. Please read our TOS, Privacy Policy, and FAQ before you join for earning. Please do not mistake BdTips as higher income opportunity. For higher income, see this list of highly paying websites.
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