Annual Tree fair or Brikkho Mela in Dhaka

The annual tree fair or Brikkho Mela in Dhaka is held every year. The venue is the national parade ground in Agargaon. Brikkho Mela in Dhaka could be the ultimate destination for any nature enthusiasts. The main attraction of the fair is essentially the huge variety of trees, tiny or big. Many of the plants were suitable for rooftop gardening that only requires some free space, average to large size drums and fertile soil suitable for plant growth.

The annual tree fair in Bangladesh usually takes place during June-July every year and continues for a month. Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina inaugurated the programs of the World Environment Day and Environment Fair-2019 and the National Tree Plantation Campaign and Fair-2019 at BICC in Agargaon yesterday (June 20, 2019). Brikkho Mela opens at 9 am and closes at 9 pm. It will end on 20th July.

What to expect at the Brikkho Mela

The fair had the affluence of exotic varieties of plants. Local and foreign varieties such as Egyptian sweet fig, longan, dragon fruit, passion fruit, avocado, Jambura (pomelo), Tetul (tamarind), Sofeda (sapodilla), mango, jackfruit, etc were available too. Prices depended on the size of the plants and their availability in the market and varied from some hundreds to some thousands.

Some stalls sold dried oyster mushrooms. There were other kinds of mushrooms too. Some stalls showcased various Bonsai trees for sale. Banyan and Ashwath Bonsai were most popular. Recently, Bangladeshi Bonsai Artists are working on local trees. Some are working on developing Bonsai of mango, Hijol plants, etc.

Many stores sold different types of honey including kali jeera, mustard, lychee, etc. Herbal plants, commonly known as medicinal plants, were available too.

The Brikkho Mela slogan goes like this: “Plant at least four trees before you cut one down.” Trees are essential and they are useful to us in so many ways. We should plant trees for our own interest, for environmental stability and for the sake of future generations. Plant as many trees as you can in your life. This is something everyone can do. Even when you plant trees in your own garden, it is helping everyone around you. Let’s make the earth green again!

Huge varieties of plants are available in the annual tree fair or Brikkho Mela held in Dhaka. Everyone should visit it at least once in their life.

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