Get rich quick secrets you must know

You can get rich quick, but not through so many of those lucrative offers (for instance, earn huge cash etc.) you see on internet, television or newspaper. Getting rich requires some attributes in you. You won’t get rich (forget about the ‘quick’) if you lack any of these attributes. So, let’s check these attributes that can make anyone rich early in their lives.

Love Money

Most of us somehow tend to develop a negative idea toward money since our childhood. We tend to consider money as root of all evil. ‘Rich people are not happy’. ‘Money doesn’t make us happy’ – these childhood ideological thoughts put us against our way to get rich quick. If you don’t learn to love money in your childhood, you won’t get rich; and in your 30s, you will wonder why being so talented and hard-working you are still so insolvent!

So, the first rule for getting rich quick is to Love Money. The second rule is Love Money. And the third rule is Love Money. Mark my words, this particular rule is more essential than the ‘Fight Club rules’, given that you want to get rich quick!

Picture it

If you observe rich people, you will see most of them are not as talented as you are. But they are very serious about making money. If you observe them closely, you’ll see a commonness of their aims or thoughts. All of them did have some sort of picture in mind of what they wanted to have in their lives in 5 years or so.

Most of them wanted to own a big house in a posh area, have an expensive car to drive, money for health treatment, savings, education cost for their children and so on. They had these thoughts lying deep in their minds; they wanted to accomplish their aims so dearly that their mind pushed them to go for it without even knowing about it. It motivated them in devising plans and ideas to make money and get involved in implementing their plans and ideas.

So, set your goals for a period of time within which you want to gain a certain amount of money for doing something, or buying something. Let’s say that you want to buy a BMW ( 6 or 7 series) within the next two years, which might cost you $50,000 or more. If that’s the case, then the first thing you need is to believe that you’re going to buy it within two years. Don’t just believe it, picture it sometimes. Feel how cool it would be for you to drive your favorite expensive car. Once this picture gets set in your mind – you’ll see that you’ve started acting the part that you own a latest BMW. There will be changes in your attitude and how you present yourself to others. It won’t stop there; it will bring up other positive changes in you. Also, people will start taking you more seriously.

You’ll see you are trying harder than ever, you’re more active and doing everything it takes to get you the money.

Ambition Doesn’t Make You Look Ugly

World has changed. If you had the chance to watch 70s or 80s movies or dramas (or read novels), you might have witnessed how villains were portrayed as most ambitious people on earth. You can see this even in modern movies. For instance, Spider-man and other superheros sometimes consider their gifts as curse and want to get rid of their powers let alone increasing it (except Iron Man and few others), while, the villains work hard to increase their power, utilizing their best ability to reach the top of their success. That’s pure ambition! Spider-man and those other superheros were meant to sink to our level so we, the commoners, could connect to them. You might find it a rather cheesy example for an article such as this, but don’t take it lightly. Because, it presents a lifelong mistake we commoners make and stay in poverty throughout our lives. We, commoners want to be honest and believe that honesty is synonymous with insolvency and poverty. We love to believe that we can’t get rich by staying honest and undermine ourselves and honesty. You can get rich staying honest throughout your life – you just need to be ambitious.

Be ambitious. Because, ambition it is that has brought us this far! We are on Mars because of our ambition. Our spacecraft is probing at the end of our solar system because of our ambition. Learn to be ambitious. Ambition doesn’t make us ugly, our arrogance does. Ambition is a heavenly quality. If you don’t have ambition, you won’t get rich. So, grow to be ambitious. Once you grow ambitious – you’ll again be surprised to see the changes in yourself.

Once you gain the above three attributes, you’ll need to trust yourself. That will save you from giving up in the face of great challenges.

If you’ve read this article, you have learned something that can really help you get rich no matter if you are in your 20s or 30s or 40s.

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