What should be your aim in life

In school life, all students are made to write an essay about ‘Aim in life’. Basically, students are influenced by their parents, teachers, relatives in choosing their aim in life. Most of them want to be doctors, engineers, professors, teachers, journalists and so on. The prime goal, which is always mentioned in their ‘Aim in life’ essay is doing some social welfare. The stereotyping of goals and aims in life always make life difficult for students, and their professional life even more difficult. For instance, you shouldn’t want your son to be an astronaut, if he is way too much interested in sporting, or say in literature. Similarly, if someone is weak in math, he wouldn’t have such a great prospect in the field of professional computer programming. But that’s not how things are taken by parents of Indian subcontinent. They want their sons to be this or that. And they program their children that way.

In the long run, most of them fail to reach their goals. So, they have to revise their aims according to the available opportunities. Successful students reach their aim and proceed accordingly. However, a new beginning awaits at the end of student life. They stand face to face with the reality at this stage, which is completely different from their student life. Responsibilities and pressure increases as they finish their academic education.

For a better, respectful and responsible life, everyone needs a good and regular income. Since the target continuously changes according to their new status and requirements, everybody tries hard to do something to increase their income. Very few of them get any job satisfaction on the way. At this stage of life, it’s either too late for them to dream bigger, or they just want to lead a financially solvent life based on their status. Thus, for the most of them the new aim becomes ‘leading a solvent life’. For a few the aim becomes ‘Getting rich’. But aim has its own way of leading you. For instance, if your aim is to lead a solvent life, you will end up being insolvent. If your aim is to be rich, you’ll have a financially solvent life, and so on.

If getting rich is what becomes the ultimate aim in your life, why not make that your aim from the very beginning (unless, of course, you are a genius)? In fact, I think students should set their aim in life to be rich. You may believe or want to believe that money is evil, and money is not that important! But the reality and truth is that you can’t do anything without money. If you want to help people, you need money. If you have to create employment, you need money. You need money for everything. If you have money and knowledge, you’ll have sheer power. If you can add imagination to your money and knowledge, that will certainly turn you into a legend.

So, if you really want to be of some usefulness to your society, your country and your relatives, set your aim to earn money in an honest way. The best time to seriously think about your aim in life is the post-exam vacation period. The earlier you set your aim (along with back up plans), the easier life will be in your future.

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  1. It’s not easy achieving your goals in life. That much is certain. But couple that with our insatiable thirst for instant gratification and our proclivity to run on the seemingly endless hedonic treadmill — where we’re always reaching for something better than we have today — it’s no wonder that we get frustrated while trying to achieve great things. When failure rears its ugly head and we suffer the ridicule of public humiliation, it’s no wonder why we find it so hard to achieve our goals in life.
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    Happy New Year!

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