BDTIPS.com started its journey back in 2008. It’s been a roller coaster ride for BDTIPS ever since it began to crawl. BDTIPS started its journey with one intention only – to do an honest business. The business was about generating profit through engaging netizens in constructive online activities (unique article writing and posting).

To encourage the netizens in writing good and unique articles for BDTIPS, it offered a very small incentive. In order to pay huge number of contributors, BDTIPS needed a solid income. But within a year, BDTIPS was denied its contextual ad provider’s approval due to the nature of the business and possibility of invalid activity. BDTIPS couldn’t generate any good income any more to pay the visitors.

Out of sheer passion, BDTIPS tried to make the business sustain against all odds. It kept paying visitors till 2014 conceding a great loss of time, effort, and money. This could be verified from users’ payment confirmation posts on BDTIPS fan page.  Sadly, due to coding problems, BDTIPS crashed and could never stand on its feet again.

Someone said, ‘Winning and losing doesn’t matter as long as you have humanity in your heart.’ We believe the BDTIPS team is as human as anyone can be. We are honest and motivated and we choose failure over breaking trust. Even though we failed, but we believe we were able to show a better way of utilizing internet among the young netizens of Bangladesh, India, and many other countries.

BDTIPS has changed the nature of this business now. It belongs to PositronicDream, a registered business owned by the same management. However, it will no longer pay any incentive of any sort to contributors. In fact, visitor or general user contribution will no longer be allowed. Being legal owners of all content of BDTIPS, we have kept the original, helpful posts of our previous contributors who worked hard for writing and submitting those posts. We kept their authorship information intact with their posts as a reflection of our respect toward their time and effort.

We thank our visitors and fans for their continuous support and trust.