How to ensure proper physical and mental growth of your child

Lack of proper mental and/or physical development of your child could have a very negative impact on his/her life afterwards. As parents, you need to ensure proper physical and mental growth of your child. First thing you should do is find a standard mental and physical growth chart of a child (based on your nation) by age, and then make sure that your child’s growth is close in accordance to that chart. If not you should consult a doctor, rather than leaving it to fate.

What you can do to ensure proper physical and mental growth of your child

1. Serve healthy and varied food containing all the essential nutrients needed for your child’s age. Also, choose cooking ingredients like edible oil, ghee etc., carefully. A healthy well-balanced diet have the following advantages:

a. Ensures ideal weight and height for his age.

b. Helps develop psychomotor and cogitative skills boosting his intelligence.

c. Reinforces immunity against diseases and infections.

d. Protects him from infantile diseases caused by malnutrition such as anemia, rickets and other vitamin deficiency diseases.

e. Protects your child form cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, tumors and osteoporosis as s/he grows up.

2. Encourage water consumption in abundance.

3. Ensure your child’s practice of motor activities and physical exercise appropriate for his age.

4. Surround your child with love and attend personally to his needs. Encourage all family members to exhibit similar feelings towards him.

5. Ensure a peaceful environment and adequate sleeping hours especially at night.

If you have been doing all that and yet getting no result, consult a physician.

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