Ten habits to ensure good sleep

Good sleep is vital for everybody. By good sleep, I mean regular deep and REM sleep. There are cases that despite hard physical labor, sleep does not come easy. And even if it does, there are fatigue and pain instead of freshness after waking up. The pain from not sleeping well is severe and gradually adds on to physical and mental stress. Deep and REM sleep is a habit nurtured by long practice of certain things. Follow these ten habits to ensure good sleep.

Avoid exercises before two or three hours of sleep

In case you think that you can have good sleep by keeping an exercise regimen just before two or three hours you retire to bed, you are absolutely in the wrong. Exercise recharges your body making your adrenaline flow high. It does not allow you to sleep at least for 6-7 hours. But if you do a good, rigorous workout in the morning, it helps you to sleep soundly in the night. A good exercise regimen removes stress from the body and induces sleep after a particular time period.

Avoid sleeping in the day

Housewives, retired aged persons, students and children usually have the habit of taking a long afternoon nap. This habit gradually creates disorder in the normal sleep during the night. When you sleep too much in the afternoon, you might find sleeping in the night very difficult. Eat your meals in time- Irregular meals can worsen sleeplessness. Again a heavy meal before the bedtime can make you sleep but that increases irritation and restlessness in the body after you wake up. You need to eat moderately at the dinner.

Alcohol is a twin-edged sword

Alcohol can make you sleep. But after a period, it creates sleep disorders. It does not give you the natural freshness of sleep when you wake up in the morning; you continue to feel the same fatigue of sleeplessness and migraine pain.

Wear loose and comfortable dress

Tight clothes bring discomfort to the body. Those must be avoided while you sleep. Loose fitting clothes made of cotton are the best things to wear for sleeping well.

A good bath before sleep is really helpful

Take a bath before two hours of retiring to the bed. As you wash your body, it removes stress and induces sleep. Slightly warm water can also give better sleep.

Calm and dark bedroom can help

Switch off the light of the bedroom, while keeping the inside of the room quiet. Such an atmosphere is helpful in overcoming barriers of sleep.

Do worries trouble your sleep?

Worries and mental tension may be troubling you, while you try to sleep. Trouble in your profession and family affairs keeps you tense. The best solution for this is you can sit in silence for some time before you retire to bed. Silence is instrumental in bringing tranquility to your mind. Secondly, you can write your worries on one piece of paper and write the probable solutions on another. Then you decide that you will work out the solutions in the very next morning. This gives a consoling thought to your mind and is helpful in giving good sleep.

Maintain consistency of timing

Keep a fixed schedule of timing for sleeping in the night and waking up in the morning. Irregular timing brings sleep disorders faster.

Avoid spicy foods, tea and coffee before you sleep

Spicy food and other such stimulants like tea and coffee create stomach problems and excess stimulation in the body, disallowing you to sleep. Do avoid drinking excess water before you sleep. Water can cause frequent urination, disturbing your sleep.

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