How to prevent and protect yourself from mental depression?

According to a recent survey, mental maladies are on rise throughout the world. It is observed that a large percentage of the victims are school, college-going students, and young professionals. It is often said that stress and failures are the chief causes behind mental disorders. Mental depression and related diseases result from frustration in dealing with the affairs of our personal and professional life. The famous law of Economics states ‘human wants are unlimited”, we are gradually reduced to be bundles of needs. It causes us grief when our needs are unfulfilled. However grief is divided into three types, such as financial, physical and psychological. Ultimately a poor psychology is responsible for creation of former two. Let’s see some of the causes behind mental issues, and ways to prevent and protect yourself from mental depression.

Depression is the result of stiff struggle for survival

Although we tried to evolve many patterns of growth through dictatorship, democracy and communism, survival of a common man has always remained at stake. A human-being’s life goes through multi-faceted struggle uninterruptedly. He has to face hardships to find a job just to break his bread. Then again, he has to struggle to develop in his professional sphere. Once he achieves a status, he has to go through self-actualization as taught in the theories of Behavioral Science. While trying to self-actualize, he has to come at par with other human-beings and achieve a standard of living that would be appreciated by one and all. If you observe, every human-being has to struggle throughout his life in this industrial world. Unlimited struggle coupled up with insecurities in life can make anyone a victim of depression.

Lack of feelings creates depression

What is the role of feeling in your life? Till the end of the civilization, all of us would remain bundles of emotions. In the parlance of communication management, a human-being is defined as a bundle of emotions. Each and every human-being is a bundle of emotions, for which we are bound to live within relationships. Friends, relatives, parents, siblings and neighbors are chained in sorts of relationships, in which feelings play the most sensitive roles.

But do we rightly evaluate feelings in our relationship? With the introduction of mechanistic living in the industrial era, It is found that feelings are downplayed and replaced with too many cynical attitudes towards living. We are now getting accustomed to live callously towards other persons in relationships. If a person does not reciprocate properly towards his near and dear ones, he makes himself miserable in course of time. There would be no one to care for him. The result is depression. To live life pleasantly, you have to share and care for many people. Proper sharing and caring can mitigate mental depression.

Abolition of joint family and existence in small family

Millions in Indian subcontinent live in metropolitan cities in small houses. If by chance a guest appears at their doorsteps, they get irritated. Children living in bigger cities are victims of stress and strain due to pressure from studies and competitions. Every child needs emotional support from other members in the family. But in the small families, where both husband and wife are working, children hardly get emotional support. The present young generations do not have the time and scope to be loved by their elderly people in the family and reciprocate. Thus, even the little ones are subjected to frustration which leads to depression in latter times.

The schools in India have shown concern because number of mentally disturbed children is increasing day-by-day. It happens due to disturbances in family life and a stressful learning atmosphere.

Simple ways to prevent mental depression

• Depression might be occurring to you because you tend to live in seclusion from others. Keep certain time in your day’s schedule for a get together and small celebration.

• Go to bed early to have adequate sound-sleep. But wake up early in the morning and walk at least six kilometers a day. Exercise for sometime in the morning. This habit keeps your depression at bay.

• Drink at least three to four glasses of water as you wake up in the morning. Water clears your bowels and cools your body.

• Do not keep thinking about your past and future. Make your best efforts to live in the present. There’s a saying that goes like this: Past is History, future is mystery but present is a gift. Try your best to invest in the present.

• Consult only with experts regarding your problems. Do not divulge your secrets, which are of sensitive nature. Critical things come in everyone’s life and those need expert’s advice to get solved. Discussion about them with everyone can bring very depressing consequences.

• Bring changes to what you eat, wear and in your life-styles. Changes in day-to-day living bring relaxation and recreation.

• Give plenty of fresh oxygen to your body in the morning. Go to the nearest park and inhale deeply and exhale long in the lush greenery. Fresh oxygen will replace all carbon dioxide from your body and keep your body and mind fresh throughout the day.

• Give up companionship of people who disappoint you and accept people who inspire you. Get inspired by actions of people, not by their sweet words.

• Learn to act, never react. This is an invaluable advice given by all spiritual preceptors at our place. Living in a reactive state brings disasters. Judge the situation and then act but do not react.

• Maintain discipline. Pray if you want, even if you don’t believe in God. We often pray to God as well as to ourselves. Praying is associated with cleanliness. Praying regularly can bring discipline to your life if not anything else.

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