How to enjoy the post-exam vacation after taking S.S.C or H.S.C exams?

In Indian subcontinent, students enjoy two to four month post-exam vacation after appearing in their secondary or higher secondary certificate examinations. During this gap, almost all of them take a break from study, and engage in fun activities and activities that interest them. But mostly they pass time relaxing, watching television, using mobile phones and computers, hanging out with friends etc. Some more serious students start preparing for college or university admission early. In any case, most students don’t plan anything about how they might spend this very crucial period of their lives. It’s crucial because, since grade one till now, they had never had an opportunity to enjoy such an extended vacation. And there is lot to do during this period. Here is how to make the most out of post-exam vacation that follows after taking secondary or higher secondary exams:

First you need to decide how much time off you will actually allow yourself. How much time have you got? If you have appeared in Secondary or Higher Secondary Certificate (HSC) exam and you’ve got 2 or more months before admission test of the next level starts, you should allow at least a month off for extracurricular activities which are fun but in the same time crucial and beneficial for future. If you got at least a month, you can do a lot.

How to make the most out of post-exam vacation between taking S.S.C or H.S.C exams and admission test of colleges or universities?

Visit another country

If you belong to a middle class family, you can surely manage the money for visiting a different country. It doesn’t only help you to break free from a mundane life, but also widens your view about people, culture, tradition and other aspects of life. If you haven’t visited any other countries before, it will be a great experience for you. Most of all, it will certainly grow your interest in traveling. And traveling to other more developed countries could be an eye-opening experience for you and your future. However, if you can’t afford the cost of visiting another country, visit different districts or areas in your own country.

post-exam vacation

Get a technical or vocational training

Try to get a vocational training on anything that interests you. You may learn driving, mobile phone repairing, or any other technical or vocational training you might like. You can even learn typing. And there should be one-month crash course for any or all of these topics.

Learn something that interests you and you only

You can learn guitar or whatever other musical device you like. You may learn pottery, gardening, swimming, typing, or anything else that interests you.

Learn English

English is an international language. Learning English will make life easier for you when pursuing higher education or career. However, don’t force yourself into it. Do it only if it interests you.

Study something that interests you

You may study about space and time, time travel, human immortality, or any other topics. You may watch BBC documentary on world history, atom, space if you like that.

Enroll into a computer course

If you spend a lot of time on computer, you can learn how to earn money online. You may take a computer course if that interests you. Or you can learn how to start a blog and be an amateur blogger.

Join a local club or community

Join a local club or community and volunteer to do social works. It will widen your circle and help you find new friends.

The post-exam vacation starts after S.S.C/H.S.C exams ends and lasts till college/university admission test begins. This time off could be the right time for you to do something that interests you and you only, not your parents or the society. Try to do as many things that interest you. Perhaps it will help you identify that single activity that interests you the most. An activity that interests you the most can be the aim of your life. It could be the purpose of your life in disguise. It is said that our purpose of life is to find our purpose. Let’s start looking for our purpose when we still have time. Happy vacation!

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