How to service a beverage cooler

Beverage cooler is one of the appliances that we need in our stores and restaurants. It is mainly used for commercial purposes. We find different brands of cold drinks stacked on its rack for customers. We need to service a beverage cooler from time to time to maintain its efficiency and to ensure the freshness of beverages stored in it. This article will help refrigeration and air-conditioning technicians to service a beverage cooler safely. You have to be familiar with its components and able to handle necessary tools and equipments required to do the job correctly.

Necessary tools, equipments and materials : combination pliers, flat/Philips screw driver, tester, temperature meter, electrical supply board, air blower, hand brush preferably paint brush, water, caustic soda, water container, mug, cotton etc.

Steps to service a beverage cooler

1. Switch off the beverage cooler and clear all the items.

2. Shift the beverage cooler in an open space and open the back cover ( if any ).

3. Check all the electrical connections and make sure they are all okay.

4. Cover compressor, blower fan motor with polythene so that water can’t reach them.

5. Now, clean the condenser by hand brush; then apply air using air blower and clean it with a piece of cotton.

6. Mix caustic soda with water (proportion 1:5 by weight) and pour it over the condenser. Wait 5/10 minutes and then clean it with clear water and make it dry using the Air Blower.

7. Clean fan blade, fan motor, compressor with hand brush and cotton waste.

8. Apply 5/6 drops of machine oil on the bush of fan motor. Ensure that it moves freely without making any noise by rotating it manually.

9. Clean the interior of the cabinet by hand brush and cotton waste.

10. Clean the evaporator and evaporator fan with soft paintbrush.

11. Apply 4/5 drops of machine oil to the bush of evaporator fan for its free moving.

12. Clean door hinges, door handle, drain line, side glass, front door glass with cotton cloth soaked in mild detergent powder and wipe with clean cloth until it becomes dry.

Safety Precautions

1. Don’t forget to remove all the polythene that you placed on the compressor, fan motor and fan blades earlier. Fix the back cover (if any).

2. Check all the electrical connections whether secured nicely and in dry condition.

3. Do not use sharp objects to clean condenser or evaporator. It may damage piping and cause leakage of refrigerant gas.

Finally, clean the area you worked. Look for your missing tools. Test run the beverage cooler and check the inside temperature by your temperature meter and lights. Ensure that its power cord plug fitted tight inside the wall socket and doesn’t become hot after running for a while.

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