How to replace flat or punctured tires of your car safely

Flat tires are most common incidents for a car driver, which needs to be dealt with immediately. This article will help you replace flat or punctured tires of your car safely. You must have the necessary tools and equipments available in the car.

Steps to safely replace flat or punctured tires

1. Take your car to a safe place from the road and switch off the engine.

2. Keep your car in parking gear and turn the hand brake on.

3. Switch on the hazard/emergency signal and check whether it is blinking or not.

4. Put triangle safety signs at least 20 meters rear, so that cars coming from rear can understand that your car is in problem and you are doing some work.

5. Put bars on other wheels so that car may not roll on while opening wheel nuts.

6. Fix jack in a right place near the flat tire, preferably near the load spring and make sure that it won’t slip off.

7. Be sure the base of the jack is on hard soil or ground so that it may not sink in the soil. If there is soft ground, then just put few pieces of bricks or wooden support under the jack.

8. Remove wheel cover; loose the wheel nuts by wheel spanner in such a way that you can open it by hand afterwards.

9. Now lift the jack by twisting the jack handle and check if the tire is getting lifted or not.

10. After rising at the desired level, remove the tire and fix the substitute/spare one.

11. Clean the nuts with clear cloth; tighten it slightly by hand just to hold the tire and down the jack by twisting the jack handle.

12. Now firmly tighten the nuts by wheel spanner. You must tighten it CROSS WISE.

13. Remove jack, wheel bars and its support. Check underneath the car for your forgotten tools.

14. Keep all the accessories and flat tire in a right place of the car.

15. Turn off the hazard/emergency signal and drive to your destination.

16. Repair the flat tire as early as possible for future and replace it with the tire you changed earlier.

Finally, no one should be in the car while the tire changing is taking place. Avoid pushing hard while the car is already over the jack. Be sure to put on the wheel cover after the nuts are fully tightened.

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