How to service a dehumidifier

Dehumidifier is electrical equipment which shed up excess water vapor from air or atmosphere and holds it in a form of water in its self contained tray. We use this device where humidity is high and also to protect our sophisticated electronic sensors or circuits which may have chance to deteriorate or malfunction due to high humidity in a room or surrounding space. This article will help HVAC (Heating, Ventilating and Air- Conditioning) technicians to safely service a dehumidifier without causing any damage to the equipment.

Necessary tools, equipment and materials

Flat/star screw driver, Nose/Combination pliers, AVO Meter, Clip-on-meter, Temperature meter, Fins comb, Water Spray system, Air blower, Soft Paint brush 2 inches/3 inches size, Caustic Soda 500 grams, Detergent powder, Water, Bucket, Mug, Cotton waste, polythene, clean cloth and machine oil approx 20ml etc.

Steps to service a dehumidifier

1. Switch off the Dehumidifier and unplug it from power source.

2. Take out the Water tray safely which holds the water and clean it with mild detergent solution.

3. Pull/Open the knobs of controlling switches. That is ON/OFF switches and Thermostat/Humidistat.

4. Open the front and back cover by using flat or star screw driver. Look for hidden hinges or screws or clips that may hold the cover.

5. Clean the Condenser, Evaporator, Electrical connections and fan motor with the soft paint brush and blow air by Air blower over it to free from dry dust particles.

6. Cover electrical connections and Fan motor with polythene so that water may not enter the motor.

7. Mix Caustic Soda 500 grams with at least 6 liters of water and pour it half to condenser and half to the evaporator. Wait 10/15 minutes and wash it with clear water spray system.

8. Apply Air Blower over Condenser and evaporator and make it full dry.

9. Straighten the fins of evaporator or condenser by fins Comb if they are bent.

10. Remove polythene from fan motor and electrical circuits which you earlier covered.

11. Apply 7/10 drops of machine oil on the bush of motor and check for its noise free and easy moving.

12. Fix the cover, controlling knobs and water tray.

13. Check the power cord and plug. Replace the plug if you found it burnt or corroded.

14. Check the continuity, grounding / earthing and switch operation of the machine using AVO Meter.

15. Tests run the Dehumidifier and observe its starting and running amperes by using Clip-on-meter.

Finally, clean off the area you worked. Look for your missing or forgotten tools. Wipe the machine outside with clean cloth. Don’t forget to clean the power cord and be sure it fixes the wall socket tightly. Ensure its proper operation temperature by using your temperature meter.

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