How to make your voice mellifluous and mature

Classical song plays a very important role in making your voice sharper, more mature, and more mellifluous. In fact, learning to sing classical songs could give you the foundation that you need to be a singer someday. You can make your voice mellifluous and mature by following these three steps.

First step

Play the harmonium. Try to match your voice with the tones of harmonium.

Second step

You should practice classical songs every morning or evening. You may select any time to practice, but you need to do it regularly and at the same period.

Third Step

There are three parts in a harmonium. In classical language these parts are called Udara, Mudara and Tara. You should take deep breath with confidence and breath out with the sound of matching tone of harmonium and your voice. Try that for 30 seconds or more. You can use seven tunes of harmonium for voice practice with breathing notations.

If you do it for 30 to 60 minutes every day and you continue it for a month, you should notice a clear change in your voice. Your voice should be heavier, more mature, and mellifluous.

You may sing sa re ga ma pa dha ni sa, sa ni dha pa ma ga re sa. In English language these are called as do re me fa sol la se do.

This is the basic way to make your voice mellifluous and mature.

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