The First Step to Lose Weight is Making Your Diet Enjoyeble

- by rajasri

We all are conscious about our health and beauty. Many of us, always think about diet. But I have a question in my mind. How many of people are enjoying their diet? Do you know even diet can be enjoyable? It is possible, if you can forget about the word Ďdietí. You should forget about your excess weight, just think about your good health. Little bit change of your daily menu can change your whole life positively. You just follow some techniques in your daily life.

First of all you should eat for pleasure and good health, not for weight loss.

Start the day with healthy breakfast (if possible take oats). You should not leave your breakfast. As a result you wonít feel hungry for hours.

Take some food every 3 to 4 hours. Donít stay with empty stomach for long time.

Take snack on fruits and nuts instead of fried snacks, chocolate and crisps.

Try to avoid red meat. Eat more fish, chicken, vegetables and salad.

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You should include minimum one citrus fruit in your daily menu.

Try to take some raw, colored (red, orange, yellow) and fresh fruits or vegetables every day.

Take food of steam instead of grill, grill instead of roast, roast instead of fry, and shallow fry instead of deep fry.

9. If you donít have digestion problem, take one cup of milk every night before sleep.

10. Last but not the least; take more and more pure drinking water and watery foods.

Beside these, you can take some ordinary but exceptional food. Such as, nuts, beans, tomato, apple etc. Beans pack a powerful one-two punch -- they are loaded with protein and also full of fiber. Along with protein, fiber helps you feel full longer and also helps lower cholesterol.

Anyways, if you really want something, enjoy it without any hesitation and then lighten up the next day.
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