Bangladeshi wedding wear and bridal fashion

Wedding is one of the most special occasions of our life. Such an important and special occasion surely deserves special wedding wears. In Bangladesh, we observe wedding in a very colorful way in terms of wedding wears, delicious food arrangement, beautification of wedding stage, and vivid cultural practices.

Saree as Bangladeshi bridal style

One of the most important ingredients of bridal fashion is saree or sari, which is also the traditional wear of women unique to Indian subcontinent. Wedding sarees usually have lurid yet beautiful designs. These sarees are known as Benaroshi saree. Some Benarosi sarees are even designed with gold and pearls to make it look more gorgeous. Sarees can really beautify the brides in a way so it looks natural on them regardless of how gorgeous the saree is. There’s a saying that goes like this: who is the ornament, you or your wears? A good wedding saree can always make the wearer the ornament. It gives the bride a more attractive, polite and innocent look in a traditionally accepted way. I believe, saree is is the best wedding wear that can gives any Bangladeshi bride the look they desire in their wedding.

Bangladeshi wedding wear

Lahenga as Bangladeshi bridal fashion

Though Lehenga is not actually original to Bangladeshi culture, but it is very suitable and goes well with Bangladeshi brides. Wedding fashion has changed with the passage of time. The new generations are more open-minded toward adapting new fashion and style. They have accepted Lehenga as a favorite bridal wear. Though Lehenga originally comes from Indian wedding fashion, but Bangladeshi bridal fashion designers have brought a new dimension to it turning Lehenga into the second most popular bridal wear.


Dupatta is a common wear, which is a piece of cloth worn with both saris and lehengas. Generally, dupattas are made with lighter cloths. However, bridal Dupattas are often gorgeous in design. It is used as the veil (Ghomta) of the bride.


Various types of ornaments of gold and diamonds are another very important part of wedding fashion in Bangladesh. Generally, the gold ornaments are used in wedding, but new generations are increasingly using diamond ornaments in wedding.

Bangladeshi wedding wear

Bridegroom fashion

Most Muslim bridegrooms in Bangladesh choose Kurta-payjama or traditional Bangladeshi sherwany as their wedding wears. The Hindus wear dhuti-panjabi or sharwany. The bridegroom in both culture wear a common hat known as topor.

The wedding arrangement in Bangladesh is very colorful and natural. Not only the bride and groom wear the special dresses, but also the guests of the wedding wear special party dresses. Female guests wear sarees, salwar-kamij, skirts, lehenga etc.; and male guests wear suit, shirt, pants, blazer, Panjabi etc.

Where to buy

Many people go to Benarashi palli at Mirpur 11 in Dhaka, some go to Kolkata for wedding shopping, others go to modern designer outlets located at Banani, Gulshan, Uttara, New market, Bashundhara city or Jamuna Future park. Some of the most prestigious wedding wear and designer stores are located in Gulshan and Banani. Here are the stores: Nabila, Shopper’s World, Khan Brothers, O2, Benarashi Palli, New Market, Chadnichak etc.

For ornaments: Diamond’s World, Apan Jewelers, Arong etc.

Also, you may do a little window shopping online and get basic idea about dresses and their prices. Even though most people don’t want to buy their wedding wears online, but there’s no harm in browsing a little. Here’s a list of online stores:

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