Visit Bandarban for refreshment and adventure

Bandarban is an amazing place to visit in Bangladesh. But if you want to visit all the attractive places in Bandorban, you must have enough knowledge about that place prior to your visit. You need at least 7 days to explore the splendid beauty of Bandarban. But if you just want to enjoy the popular attractive places, 3 days stay is enough. If you are adventurous, then have at least 14 days leave at hand.

Sailopropat is one of the famous falls in Bandarban. You will see it on the way to Chimbuk. There is a 3 star Hotel in the town, but if you prefer to spend your vacation in the midst of nature, you must go to Holiday Inn. It’s a wonderful resort. Staying in Holiday Inn will feels like staying in the nature. You will also get a view of the lake just by opening the windows. There’s also a garden for exercising, and playing football or cricket. The most admirable thing about Holiday Inn is their sincere service.

visit Bandarban

There is also another resort named Nilgiri, the most famous hotel or resort in Bandarban. At Nilgiri hotel, you can literally play with the clouds. The sight is wondrous and refreshing.

Be very careful if you have plans to go by your own car. In hilly regions, it is really difficult to drive. Unless you are an extremely expert driver, you are not supposed to drive there yourself. You must hire an expert driver. A Jeep is highly recommended. Sedans are not good enough to travel the hilly regions.

These were the famous places in Bandarban; each of the sights are blessed with their own charms and appeals. It’s such an amazing district to visit! You won’t only love it there, it will rejuvenate, refresh, and revitalize you. If you are bored with mundane city life, you must visit Bandarban.

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