Tips for success at workplace

Workplace is a sacred place from where we earn our bread and butter. It gives us financial security, helps us to boost up our self-esteem and provides us with the bondage of friendship with our colleagues. So success in workplace is an important factor to make our life meaningful on earth. Here are some tips for success at workplace.

Qualifications and skills

We should always try to improve our qualifications and skills for the jobs we are paid for. There is no end of learning. The world is changing fast and we have to adjust ourselves with the changing situation. Otherwise we will be obsolete. If we are advanced in learning the required skills and can adopt newer technologies, the employer must evaluate us.

Culture of the institution

Every institution has its own norm and culture; behavior code and dress code are parts of it. There are various reasons for setting institutional culture- to bring uniformity in the behavior of workers of different nature and to make a distinct identity of the institution. Norm is the expected behavior of an institution. So we should follow norm and culture of the institution.

Understanding the man in the command

The manager of the workplace is the coach of the team. He has his own strategy to deal with the people of his team. Different manager has different attitude and temperament. So we must understand his pulse. Only doing job efficiently is not enough. It is important to know how he wants us to do the job. Those, who are in higher post, bear higher load of works and mental pressure as well. So they may behave strangely on a slight pretext. So we must understand him and be careful in dealing with him. We must take his guidelines and report him about the progress of the job.

Understanding the nature of co-workers

Our colleagues are our friends who support us, guide us and help us in the moment of crisis. Sometimes they are our competitors and rivals. So to understand their nature is very important. There’s always power politics and groupings if there are a number of people in an organization. It is natural and it is taken positively by the authority. Those who are naïve, who go according to their own style without looking left and right fall the victims of the situation. Some people who are envious of others’ success may report to the authority if they find any fault. They may even twist information to serve their purpose. Some people will behave well with you if you are in the good book of the authority. If not, they will behave otherwise. So you should be cautious about the nature of your co-workers.

Having courage and guts

Sometimes, the situation may go wrong; the person in the command may misunderstand you, he may give wrong directions. At that time, you have to keep patience, try to make him understand the situation. You might have to tell him he is not fully correct. You must co-operate with others but it is often seen that some people are sitting idle and others have to work for them. This is not fair. When people will try to get their job done by you, you have to stand up to them and say ‘no’. You have to be sincere, hardworking and cooperative but at the same time firm and courageous.
Efficient employee with friendly attitude are always liked by all in a work place. Some tactics of self defense are also required in this complex society. We should remember that we have to contribute to keep our workplace healthy and pleasant for our own well-being.

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