How to be smart and get smarter?

Everyone likes smart people. The word ‘smart’ links us to other qualifying words such as good looking, well versed, quick in thinking, well organized and so on. Smartness is especially important for job seekers. Smartness is a very desirable quality. We all are smart to some level. But all of us don’t have the same level of desired smartness. If you are not comfortable with your level of smartness, these tips might help you get smarter.

How to get smarter


Attitude is the most important factor in being smart. It’s your attitude that draws you’re a picture of you on people’s mind. If you naturally have a sad or gloomy face, but actually you are a very happy and jolly person, others will picture your face as a model of jolly looking face. Just think about the movies you see. You will see that you always find the villains to be ugly, whereas, if they were portrayed as heroes, you would have found them to be very attractive. In other words, people picture your look based on your attitude not based on your actual look.

However attitude is not about making people believe how good you look, it’s about how positive you are with your life and with your surroundings. Attitude is the first and foremost thing that you need to be smart or anything in your life. Change your attitude and it will change the world around you.

Keeping your figure in proper shape

If your figure is not well proportionate or well shaped, you’ll not look smart, no matter how expensive a dress you put on. If you lead a lethargic life avoiding work and exercise, you might end up being ill shaped and odd looking. I am not asking you to be skinny, but to maintain your shape. I am acquainted with many plus size men and women who are considered smart in their look and get up. I even heard one of them reply, “I don’t care what you think, but plus size is on”, to someone criticizing about her weight. I hope you get the picture.

Wear fashionable dresses that suit your personality

Dress represents your taste, personality and status. The color, quality and fitting of our dress are important. You should try dresses that make you feel better, but also proper to the occasion and place.

Learn something new every day

Try to be inquisitive and acquire some knowledge or skills keep up with the ever changing society and time. Try to learn a second language, read good books, and magazines. Read newspaper to stay up-to-date about as many things as you can. It will help you interact with your associates and acquaintances on different topics.

Keep an eye on your manner and etiquette

We often criticize people for doing something awkward and deem them as unsmart, while we might be doing those things ourselves without even knowing about it. It will help if you keep an eye on your gesture, posture, manner and etiquette. Every society has its own code of conduct; you need to maintain that and live up to that wherever you go.

Organize yourself

Organization and discipline can bring great changes in your life. Organize and discipline yourself. Stay neat and tidy not only in your appearance, but in your words, manner, and attitude.

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