Seven fruit juices to keep you healthy year-round

Fruit Juices are an excellent source of antioxidants. Fruit juices contain various nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, and fibers. They are good for your health, and skin. Drinking fruit juice everyday will most certainly keep the doctor away. Here are seven yummy fruit juices recipes that can make you soundly resilient to diseases. If you are dieting, you should check the weight of drinks on your diet.

Green mango juice

Ingredients: Green mango 2 pieces, cumin seed powder 1 tea spoon, Sugar ½ cup, bit salt, green chili 2 pieces, mint paste, ice mash.

Process: Take a sauce pan and pour some water in it. Once the water turns hot, place the green mangoes in it and boil for 10 to 12 minutes. Remove the pan from the stove and allow the mangoes to cool down. Peel the mangos and place pulps in a bowl. Add cumin seed powder, sugar, bit salt, green chili, and mint paste in it. Blend properly. Finally add some ice mash in it and serve.

Watermelon juice

Ingredients: 6 cups of watermelon, adequate sugar, ½ tea spoon of white peeper powder and bit salt each.

Process: Take all the ingredients in a blender and blend properly. Serve watermelon juice with ice mash.

Orange juice

Ingredients: Sugar ½ cup, water ½ cup, china grass 1 tea spoon, orange food color, sodium benzoate ½ tea spoon, orange flavor 2 tea spoon, citric 1 tea spoon, orange juice ½ cup.

Process: Take a pot and put sugar, water, china grass, citric, sodium benzoate, orange flavor, orange food color and hit in a stove. Preserve it in a clean bottle.

Wood apple juice

Ingredients: Ripe wood apple 1 piece, lime juice, sugar, water, ice mash.

Process: Scoop out from the wood apple. Take a blender and put the scoop of wood apple in it. Add sugar and water in it and blend properly. Take a glass and put the juice from the blender. Add lime juice and ice mash in it.

Grape juice

Ingredients: White grapes 1 kg, Black grapes 1kg, Sugar 3 cup, Water 4 cup, Ice mash 8/10 pieces.

Process: At first clean the grapes properly and cut the grapes. Separate the seeds from the grapes. Then blend the grapes in a blender. After that, add sugar, water and ice mash in it and serve.

Ice-cream fruit juice

Ingredients: Ripe banana 2 pieces, 1 table spoon of strawberry, chocolate, vanilla each. Add 1 table spoon of ice-cream, then jam for decoration.

Process: At first remove the peels from the banana and cut the bananas into small pieces. Take a dish and put the pieces of bananas around the dish. Put vanilla, strawberry, chocolate and ice-cream at the middle of the dish. Serve it by decorating with jam.

Fruit drink with whipped cream

Ingredients: 2 cups of papaya and apple mash each, banana 2 pieces, sweet card 1 cup, ice-cream 1 cup, sugar, 2 table spoon of pesta nut mash, whipped cream.

Process: Blend all the ingredients without whipped cream in a blender properly. Take a serving glass and put some fruit mash in it. Then add the fruit drinks from the blender. Add whipped cream over the fruit drinks and serve it by decorating with cherry.

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