Tips for safe and hassle-free driving

You must acquire a driving license before you can drive a car. Acquiring a driving license will probably help you develop profound understanding of road manner, and make you familiar with road signs and signals. You also need knowledge of troubleshooting basic problems of car. Once you have all these, make sure you follow the tips below for safe and hassle-free driving:

Tips for safe and hassle-free driving

1. Check necessary documents (i.e., registration book, insurance book, road tax token, fitness certificate etc) of your car and keep it in your vehicle.

2. Check engine oil, radiator water, battery water level, power fluid, brake oil, fan and dynamo belt tension.

3. Ensure, there is a spare wheel, spare fan and dynamo belts, Jacks, wheel wrench, wheel spanner and spare fuses, few necessary tools and sparking plugs in your car.

4. Ensure you have enough gas to run.

5. Check the brake, brake lights, indicators, head lights, tail lights.

6. Check rearview mirror and side mirrors for easy and comfortable view of the back.

7. Check seatbelts whether operation able or not.

8. Check the tire pressure whether it is okay or not.

9. Look beneath the car before you move, there may be cats, dogs or other domestic animal or hard/sharp object under it.

10. Maintain speed limit at highway.

11. Do not overtake unnecessarily.

12. Do not use mobile phone while driving.

14. Use seatbelt while driving and ask your passenger to fasten theirs.

15. Stop your vehicle before zebra crossing and pay attention to the pedestrians to give them chance to cross the road.

16. Be extra careful when passing by school, hospital or mosque. Don’t honk horn unnecessarily.

17. Follow signal lights and stop the car behind Zebra Crossing.

19. Reduce speed near turning points/curves and bends in the road and before bridge or culvert.

20. Make sure you are not feeling drowsy while driving. If you are tired or feeling drowsy, take the car to a safe place and park it there. Wash your face, have a cup of coffee and once you are sure you are not drowsy anymore, you may start your car again.

21. Use low beam light when driving at night. Use high beam light only when it’s necessary.

22. Maintain safe distance from the car in front of you.

23. Do not race with other cars.

24. Stop before rail crossing and cross only after checking both sides.

25. Road rage is very harmful and can have very bad consequences. Make sure you train yourself well enough to avoid road rage.

Always ensure smooth operation of a car and longevity of its parts for safe ride.

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