Qurbani Eid special beef rezala recipe

Qurbani Eid Special Beef Rezala is a very popular dish in our country, which most people get to taste this during the Qurbani Eid. This Beef Rezala is one of the most popular food items in Bangladesh and in Arab countries. However, very often this special item doesn’t taste the way it should. If you want to cook it right, use the following recipe. After all, everyone is waiting to have a bite of the freshly cooked beef rezala soon as it is cooked.


1. Beef
2. Oil
3. Onion
4. Ginger
5. Salt
6. Spices
7. Testing salt

How to prepare

First of all, mix beef with some oil, spices and testing salt. Keep it marinated for 30 minutes.

Place sufficient oil than fry some onion gently. When it become brown, mix beef to it and heat it for at least 10 minutes. Add some water and cover it instantly. Wait for 40 minutes. Your favorite beef rezala should be ready. Serve it with pulao, salads, borhani or whatever other appropriate items you may have.

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