What makes someone a great organizer?

An organizer is a person who arranges an event or activity. Organizers are assets to the society. Everyone is capable of organizing small event or activity, for instance, a birthday party, picnic, marriage ceremony etc. However, most of us are not capable of organizing a professional event or activity, which require a great organizer, perhaps a professional one. So, what makes someone a great organizer? Let’s see.

Attributes required to be a great organizer


An organizer should have the ability to take initiative. He is the person to foresee the gains of an initiative. So he takes the first step to organize something. It’s not a job for someone who pays too much attention to criticism. To take initiative, one needs to be courageous, patient and unyielding to the negative forces.


A plan is a road-map to reach the destination. There is a proverb, ‘A goal without a plan is nothing but a wish.’ Careful planning saves time, money and energy. In planning, time frame and deadline for the job is decided. Specific duties are to be detailed to specific persons. An organizer needs to decide what to do in a moment of crisis or in a state when competitors or the opponents act differently.

Decision making

There are many ways to do a job, similarly there can be many ways to solve a problem. Selecting the best one is a part of decision making. As many people are usually involved in organize something, an organizer needs to ask their opinions and suggestions while making the decision.

Distribution of duties

An organizer has to distribute duties among the members according to their skill, aptitude and capability. He needs to support them time to time and make them accountable for the duties bestowed upon them.

Communication and coordination

Communication is very important for organizing something. So, all kinds of communication downward, parallel and upward etc. should be established. An organizer needs to ensure effective communication by taking all measures, verbal or written. At the same time, he needs to maintain the coordination of the activities.


An organizer should also know various sources for financing and act accordingly.


Motivation is creating urge among the members to accomplish the job. An organizer should be able to perceive the emotional condition of other players. Having a sense of humor can play a huge role in favor of him.


Negotiation is to come to a solution over an issue after discussion between two parties. It is important to settle a deal or manage a conflict. So, an organizer should always develop the skills of negotiation.

You can’t hope to gain all these attributes over night. It is a lifelong process. Therefore, you have to nurture these qualities consistently and have to gather practical experience.

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