Natural beauty ingredients in your kitchen

When you want a beauty regimen, don’t go looking anywhere else. The beauty need you are looking for can be found closer than you expect, in your kitchen! Yes, beautifying doesn’t need to be so expensive and painful. There can be some natural beauty ingredients in your very own kitchen.

Everyone is looking for a fountain of youth. But they don’t realize that the secret to youth is the fountain itself. Water can do beauty wonders you might just be ignoring. Ever wondered why Anjelina Jolie looks so young and beautiful? She has glowing skin, luscious lips and stunning eyes, this is because she drinks 5 liters of water a day. Water is very important both internally and externally. It cleanses what’s inside and outside of us. The slightest deprivation of water can cause drastic changes. Our bodies, including are brain composes of large amount of water. It helps us detoxify. It helps in metabolism thus helping you achieve a fitter body.

Another kitchen wonder is the egg. The egg is not only useful in cooking and baking, it is also a natural beauty agent. The egg white is composed of water, protein, vitamins, minerals and glucose. These properties make it ideal for face mask. For a cheap homemade face mask, separate the egg yolk from the white. Beat the egg whites until fluffy. Spread the egg white liberally over a clean face. Wait for 20 minutes then wash with warm water. It’s just like an instant face lift. Benefits from the egg white mask include skin tightening, oil blotting, smoothening and whitehead removal.

The cucumber found in your kitchen can also do beauty wonders for you. The high moisture content, vitamins and minerals from the fruit make it a very healthy food to it. Aside from its nutritional value, it is also famous for its beautifying effect. The cucumber is a great eye mask and it’s very easy to do. Just slice a couple of cucumber and place over the eyes. The coolness and water content relieves tiredness of eyes. It also helps remove puffiness and dark blemish under the eyes.

Aside from its help in losing weight, the oatmeal has also other benefits. The high fiber content makes it effective to smoothen the skin. Mix together oatmeal, honey and lemon juice to smoothen rough hands. Spread the mixture liberally on the hands then wear gloves. Wait for 30 minutes than wash with cold water.

Instead of going to the salon for hot oil treatment, try looking for mayonnaise in your kitchen. You can do the hair treatment yourself and reap the same benefits. Apply liberal amount of mayonnaise on a damp hair. Make sure to apply it well form root to tip. You may choose to put plastic to cover your hair or you can leave it as is. Wait for at least one hour and then rinse.

There are several beauty wonders in the kitchen you can try. Other natural beauty ingredients include honey, tomatoes, lemons, banana and strawberry.

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