Mushroom pickle recipe and health benefits

Mushroom pickle helps you lose weight by burning cholesterol. Here’s what you’ll need and how you can prepare it.


1. 1kg Mushrooms
2. 100g Salt
3. Chopped onions
4. 100ml Vinegar
5. 5g of Red chili powder, Cumin powder, Aniseed powder, Cumin powder.
6. Turmeric powder 10g
7. Coriander powder 15g
8. 2g Fenugreek powder and black pepper powder
9. Cinnamon powder 1g
10. Clove (headless) 5
11. Garlic paste 20g
12. Tamarind paste 50g
13. Mustard oil 350 ml


1. Cut, wash, and trim the mushrooms.
2. Fry with all the above mentioned spices using little oil. Don’t apply salt and vinegar until mushrooms become almost dry.
3. When it becomes dry, remove the pan from the stove and let mushrooms cool down.
4. Add salt, vinegar and store in a glass jar.
5. Add rest of the oil sufficient to cover pieces.

Mushroom pickle health benefits

1. Fights constipation and gas.
2. Helps reduce weight.
3. Mushrooms contain minimal amount of sodium so it is good for people with high blood pressure.
5. The lean protein present in mushrooms helps burning cholesterol in body.

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