Tagore’s messages to build a better world

We can submerge and invigorate our life in the sea of spiritual and psychological wisdom and romantic experience created by the great poet Rabindranath Tagore. His immortal works were and are an endless source of inspiration for us even in this age of internet. His works encourage us to live an enlightened life, to fight against all sorts of suppression and oppression and to work for universal peace and prosperity. In building a better world, we can surely follow the messages he tried to convey to us through his works. Tagore’s messages to build a better world can open our mind to new possibilities of peace and harmony both in ourselves and in our surroundings.

Tagore’s messages to build a better world

Almighty is both loving and lovable

The relation between God and man is like relation between lover and beloved or between Guru and disciples. He thinks in the relation between God and man, there should not be any feelings of fear, because fear is an obstacle on the way to union. We can touch the Infinity through the process of creativity.

Freedom is the essence of flourishing

Rabindranath Tagore wrote during the period when Britain ruled Indian subcontinent. His writings were aimed at making people conscious about freedom. Without freedom no individual can stand on his feet. He wanted to make people spiritually free.

Respecting every walk of life

People from all walk of life makes a society. We have to respect this diversity. It is the beauty of democracy and seed-bed of producing geniuses who will contribute to the society.

Establish equality and justice

All men in the society are equal. We have to establish their dignity. Suppression and oppression needs to be stopped. Society needs to provide protection to the weak and underprivileged. If the gap between the rich and the poor increases, it will hamper the equilibrium of the society, resulting in chaos and conflict.

Nature is our sustainer

Like Wordsworth, the poet of nature, Rabindranth had deep regards for nature. He used to pass most of the time in the lap of nature. His writings captured the influences of Nature’s serenity, tranquility, and transcendental beauty on our ephemeral existence. Our mind becomes strong at the soothing effect of nature. Modern people are drifting away from nature. It is creating adverse effect on our mind as well as in the society. We desperately need a connection with nature.

In this time of decadence, values that Rabindranath has shown should be replanted in the mind of new generation to form a prosperous world.

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