How to select and wear proper makeup and dress for the occasion?

All women like the color red and black for grooming. But most of them don’t know how to properly use these colors in grooming themselves. There’s also a misconception about the color black. Many think makeover in black is meant for sad occasions, for instance attending a funeral. Actually, you can attend a bridal party wearing proper black dress and makeup for the occasion. It will make you look gorgeous and stylish. Women love the color red for makeover. Wearing red dress and makeup can give you a vibrant and happy look. It also makes you look happy, and vibrant. Wearing a proper red dress and makeup can put a huge impression on your dear one. Grooming in red and/or black can give you a very appealing and gorgeous look. But, first you need to know how to wear proper makeup and dress for the occasion. Here’s how.

Wearing Black

Black is a color to express our personality. People at any stage of life can wear black. But how you wear it makes the difference. If you are a young girl, you can wear black as you like. But if you are aged women, you can’t wear black with another color. So, you need to choose the appropriate dress that goes with your age.

Grooming in Black for formal occasions

When you go to any official party, you can simply apply some foundation. If your skin color is not so bright, then you can select foundation color near to your skin color. Apply a bright color like pink, silver, brown, green etc. It will be nice if you apply a pinkish lipstick.

You can use some golden color ornaments. Always use ornaments that are not so heavy or big. Wearing ornaments that are bigger in size can actually spoil your look and fashion statement. You should wear small earrings and tiny nose pin with neat design. A regular and thin necklace and one or two rings will make you look perfect. You may wear a couple of bangles if you like. If you don’t like golden color ornaments you can use oxidized ones. Take a handbag black or silver. Wear black or silver color shoes. Groom your hair in accordance to your personality. You are ready to go now!

Grooming in Black for casual and bridal parties

If you want to go to any family get together or a bridal party, you can make use of a glossy makeover. You can wear slightly heavier ornaments of black or silver color. If you wear a big size earring, you can avoid the necklace.

Your make up can be colorful. You can apply red blush-on, a deep pink lipstick with gloss. Tie your hair very gorgeously. But it will look more beautiful if you can let your hair loose. In this case, you can straighten or blow dye your hair. However, before grooming in black, consider the venue, your age, personality, the time of the occasion (whether it’s day or night), summer or winter, etc. If it’s summer, you can wear a cotton dress, but if it is a rainy day, try to wear a silky dress.

Grooming in red

Red is a color of occasion. You can’t wear red everywhere. Red may not go with your personality for a certain occasion. Wear reddish dress in happiest occasion like New Year celebrations, birthday parties etc.

If you are wearing red, you have to be careful about your makeover. Black makeup with a red dress may not go well. However, a reddish make up is much more appropriate with a red dress. Always apply a deep red color lipstick with lip-gloss. But, don’t use reddish eye shadow. You can use silver instead. Try to wear red color ornaments or you may try golden ornaments with red stone. Wear red shoes and red handbag. That’s it, you are ready to go.

Grooming in Red and Black

If you wear a red dress, you can wear black shoes and take black handbag. You may use oxidized or golden ornaments with red or black stone. Use makeup as mentioned above.
Grooming in red and/or black can give you a very appealing and gorgeous look. But, first you need to know how to wear proper makeup and dress for an occasion.

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