How to make a series test lamp?

If you want to check presence of electricity in electrical equipment, the most convenient way is to use a test lamp. Test lamp is also popularly known as test light, voltage tester, or mains tester. It is true that you can use analog or digital Avometer as well, but quality Avometers are expensive. Also, the less expensive ones don’t last long. This is why good electricians often make test lamps on their own. It is easy to make a series test lamp for everyday use.

Tools required to make a series test lamp

Cutting pliers, combination pliers, wire stripper, tester, Avometer etc.

Materials required to make a series test lamp

Flexible two-meter long wire of size 23/76 or size 3/.029, a bulb holder, a 60 watt bulb, a two-pin plug.

How to make a series test lamp

1. Cut the wire into two pieces making each one a meter long.

2. Now you have two pieces of wire. Fix the bulb holder using one end of the two pieces of wires and install a light bulb on to the holder.

3. You have other two ends of the wire free. Fix a two-pin plug on that free pairs of wires. It means you can light up the bulb if you put two-pin plug in a live two-pin socket.

4. Check the continuity of the test lamp by an Avometer; be sure that bulb turns on when the plug is inserted in a live two-pin socket.

5. Now, pull out the plug from the socket.

6. Finally, you need to slice one of the wires in the middle and remove insulation from each of the cut-ends for half an inch so that the bare copper is clearly visible.

7. Your test lamp is ready for experimental test. Always use a cap to cover the bare copper wire to avoid any accidental electrification.

How to test electrical equipment using the test lamp you just made

Plug the two-pin plug into live two-pin socket with the bulb fixed in its holder. Now make connection between the two bare cooper wires. It will turn the bulb on. Disconnect the wires and the bulb will turn off. It means your test lamp is working, and you can use it to test the continuity of any circuit with full accuracy, even when your Avometer reading is otherwise.

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