Turn your hobby into business – make money by glass painting

Glass painting is an interesting art. It can be a very constructive hobby and pastime activity too. You can even make money by glass painting. It doesn’t take much time to turn an ordinary piece of glass, or glassware into an extraordinary piece of art. Also, you need not be a good artist to start with your glass painting hobby.

What you need for glass painting?

* A glass sheet/a coffee mug/a glass lampshade/anything made by glass.

* A box of glass paint, can find this in your nearest stationary shop, where painting elements are sold).

* Some paint brushes for water color.

* An outline marker (inside the paint box).

* Pencil.

* Paper.

How to paint on glass?

* Draw something you like on the paper with the pencil. It may be a landscape, may be a still life or may be your favorite design.

* Now place it behind the drawing surface of the glass.

* Now use the outline marker to draw the outline on the glass according to the pencil lines drawn on the paper behind it.

* After creating the outline, fill the work area with the color you like.

* After painting, let it get dry.

* Now a beautiful painting is ready.

make money by glass painting

What could be painted?

* Color glass plates, cups, glasses etc.

* Make glass wallpaper.

* Make lamp shade.

* paint window glasses.

* Make special gifts.

How to make money by glass painting?

* At first make some gifts for your friends. Let everyone know about your work.

* Start marketing, collect order from gift shops/showpiece shops.

* Deliver them at desired price.

It’s easy and interesting. Try this or try printing T-shirt at home or any other hobby. You can make your hobby a business easily. Best of luck.

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