How to make earth green again?

We are living in the age of big atmospheric changes due to huge abuse of natural resources. We can’t confidently say that our earth is green now. But can we make earth green again? Environmental scientists discovered that green house effect is getting bigger day by day due to increasing CFC, Sulfur Dioxide, Carbon Dioxide etc in the atmosphere. Environmental researchers have found that developed countries are producing 85% of CFC and 50% of Carbon dioxide every year and both of these gases are harmful for ozone layer.

Ozone layer protects us from harmful rays of sun and is responsible for maintaining a good temperature. In past hundred years the global temperature have reached from 0.3 to 0.8 degree Celsius and by 2030, it will be reach 1.5 to 4.5 degree Celsius. This will trigger liquefaction in the North Pole, resulting in rise of sea level by 20-30cm. When that happens, low lands will go under salt water and lose fertility leading to food crisis throughout the world.

It is high time for us to wake up from our slumber of pretense that nothing bad is going on with our atmosphere and protect our environment. If we can’t do anything about those who make policies, we can at least do something individually. We don’t need policy makers to change things for us. There are 6 billions of us to make earth green again. Even if we proceed individually, it will bring about a huge change.

Everyone knows that trees intake carbon dioxide and extract oxygen during photo-synthesis process. So, planting more trees is a vital step in turning our planet green. Have you ever wondered that we could choose a day for planting trees. On that day, millions of individuals around the world can join the cause and plant a tree. Such a day could have given earth a million more trees to fight the atmospheric decay. Wouldn’t that be great? But planting trees alone wouldn’t compensate for the harm we are doing to our atmosphere.

Steps we should take to make earth green again

i. Plant a tree whenever possible. And encourage others to plant trees of various kinds.

ii. Switch off all electronic equipments after use.

iii. Reduce the use of fossil fuel based cars and machinaries.

iv. Go for alternative and environmentally friendly power sources.

v. Try to recycle used products.

vi. Ensure proper use of natural resources.

vii. Concentrate on doing something environmentally friendly every day.

If we fail to achieve the proper natural balance in our atmosphere, disasters will take place. We are living on the edge. We need to be careful and more caring in dealing with our earth’s atmosphere.

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