Lemon Juice Therapy for Heavy Headache

How many of you aren’t scared of a heavy headache? I think we all are scared of heavy headache. Headache can interfere with our activities, and mood. It is enough to ruin the day. We know that sound sleep is a great way to avoid headaches. However, if you have ended up with a headache and you can’t sleep, a lemon can help. You read it correct. Here’s the Lemon Juice Therapy for Heavy Headache. A glass of lemon juice and 5 minutes rest can give immediate relief from heavy headache.

How to make lemon juice and how to drink it to get relief from headache

Take a lemon and a glass. Cut the lemon open, press the lemon and pour the juice in the glass. Don’t add anything to the lemon juice, even water or sugar. Now, taking the glass, go to your room and sit on something. Before drinking the juice, be sure to choose a nearby place where you can put the glass down so you can close your immediately. So, close your eyes and drink all the juice in one turn. No matter how sour it is, just drink the juice as if it was a medicine. Rest still with your eyes closed for 2 to 5 minutes. It will surely relieve your burning headache.

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