How to improve reading and learning skills of your child?

Most of today’s children learn a lot even before they start going to school. As parents, you can make learning a fun thing for them and help them get familiar with letters, digits, words, spelling, or even reading. You can help them learn and in the same time enjoy learning. Here are a few tips to start and improve reading and learning skills of your child:

How to start and improve reading and learning skills of your child

When your child first starts spelling words, you can get him index cards with an item name written on each. Ideally the items could be anything that he uses or play with. For instance, the items he has in his room such as BED, WINDOW, LIGHT, TOY, CAR, ROBOT etc. It is much easier to use all capital letters first so that they can get used to the word. You can turn it into a game for them and ask them to tag each item with the proper index card you give them. You can very well try this in other parts of the house.

2. Buy two copies of the same book. You might find it expensive, but it works well. Read your copy along with your child. Your child will feel it really worthwhile as you’re reading the book too!

3. Reading aloud to young children helps them to read and learn faster. The natural learning process of a child is:
* hear the sounds of words
* memorize the sounds
* attach meaning to the sounds
* vocalize the sounds and
* attach the symbols on paper (words) to the sounds and meanings.

Four of these five steps are accomplished better by reading aloud to your children.

4. Older children might have a good grasp on reading but they need to expand their word recognition.

5. Make sure you are reading in front of your children, whether reading books or newspapers. It gives your child the idea that reading is something important and enjoyable. If they interrupt you while reading, ask them to wait until you finish the page before joining them in whatever they wanted you to do.

6. Let your children harness the positive influence of media. If you have a smart television or a television that supports .flv or .mov files, then it will be a good thing if you can download free kids videos on math, science, spelling etc and play those on your television. Make sure they watch television from a distance though. Watching television from a distance is much safer than watching those on iPad or other tablets.

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