How to improve your attitude to change your life?

There is an old saying which says “attitude determines altitude”. This three words sentence is a creed of all times and it explains it all. Attitude is a complex mental state involving beliefs, feelings, values and depositions to act in certain ways. Attitude is the mirror of the mind. It reflects what we think. Literally, it shows that we can read a man’s attitude through expressions, voice tones and inflections. If attitude determines so much of our life, why not try and improve your attitude to change your life?

Having all the degrees certifications in over a dozen professional courses and beyond doesn’t necessarily ensure one’s success. He may not be able to run a successful business life or even have a happy family life if his attitude is negative. Even his best friends will soon be separated from him if his attitude is bad.

A man with a positive attitude may not need exorbitant training or certifications to make a team produce excellent results.

There are different ways which can make a man’s attitude improve positively. Here are few tips to improve your attitude.

Grow the You-are-important attitude towards everything and everybody

Respect is reciprocal. Anyone you make feel important will surely return the You-are-important attitude back to you. People will want to associate with you if you truly appreciate their importance, which they are oblivious of. They know that the little they are going to offer you, you will certainly appreciate it. It will make them do better next time. They are certain that you are not making friends or forming associate with them because of what you want but because you will offer something beneficial in return. They are sure of one thing above all; you will make them feel like a king which they practically are in the corner of their memories.

Share good news with everyone around you including your family

Once people notice that every word you say is positive, every information you pass is good, they will not only like you they will value you far beyond you can think of. Bad things happen every day, bad news are broadcasted everyday through the media. What everybody does not want is someone bringing more bad news to them, it is a luxury they cannot afford. Transmit good news to your family members, tell good and amusing jokes. You will find out that as you do that you are also making yourself happy too.

Whatsoever you won’t like people to do to you, don’t dare do it to anyone

When you want to do anything or make any decision, imagine yourself at the other side of the table and see that those decisions do not affect you negatively. We are in the age when the love we have for each other is gradually growing colder. When someone tells you that I love you, you wonder in your heart if he or she is actually telling the truth or not. People are going to respect you when they find out that your decision towards them is actually a decision coming from genuine love. Let us make sure our actions are not self-centered. A man who makes sure that he is not deliberately hurting his fellow neighbors is an honorable man and will surely be honored. We are in our present position by chance, which means we are not better than everyone occupying a lower financial, economical, spiritual, academic or physical level.

Develop an attitude of high standard

to be a man of integrity and a man of great attitude, make sure you are not settling for low standards. Think high standards and the world will place high value on you. The difference between an average man or an average commodity to a man of high standards or a quality commodity is a slight price which any average man can afford. Life is already placing a lot of demands on you so you don’t have to place yourself at a second class of anything.

Think goodness, be good

John C. Maxwell wrote in his book “leadership gold” that “every worker will work eight hours for a good pay and twelve hours for a good boss”. You just have to be good to have a good attitude. Good manner doesn’t cost anything. Good in passing judgments, good in making choices, good towards family members, good towards business associates and colleagues. The price for being a bad person is too high and I don’t think the price is really worth it. The total number of years you spend on earth will be summarized in one sentence when you die. They will either say “he is a good man” or “he is a bad man”. You won’t really love your name to be dragged in the mud when you die, would you?

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