Why developing good manner is important

Manner simply means the behavior of a man with the others. In other words, it is an external expression of inner goodness of a man. A man is known by the company he keeps. A good company makes a man good while a bad company makes a man bad. Similarly, the good manner begets good manner. There is a saying, “Manner makes a man.” Manner plays an important role in every aspects of life, especially in conversation, making friends, or convincing the others. Manner arouses love, affection and friendliness in one’s mind that unites human in a social tie. Good manner is a high quality of a man and is always honored by all. Without good manner we cannot think about modern civilization. Some persons are not aware about their own manners, but while talking, they want to be admired by the others. Good manners are the virtue of goodness and not confined to any class; any man can possess it.

An ill-mannered person is rude and rough. He has no respect and feeling for the others. He always thinks for himself and speaks ill of the others. On the other hand, a good mannered person is polite, gentle, courteous and well-behaved. He respects the opinion of the others and does not usually hurt anybody, so others reciprocate it.

Moral education is important for developing good manners in human’s life. This education starts in the earliest years of the children before they go to school. The children learn manners since childhood from their ancestors and well-mannered families. Men live in a society, so they also learn manners through experience and observation. Parents and elder members occupy the superior position in a family. So, it is their responsibility to teach their children good manners They must teach them the difference between right and wrong, so that they can avoid the wrong things. The teachers in the school should play a vital role in developing good manners among the students.

Remember good manner doesn’t make you weak. It makes you stronger. And if you have a positive attitude, your good manner may help you reach the summit of success.

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