How to Speak in front of an Audience

Speaking to acquaintances is easy, but speaking in front of an audience is a daunting task. Your body starts shaking, specially your legs. Some people are blessed with ability to speak in front of others. For most of us, we need to practice to acquire this particular skill. Here are some tips to turn yourself into a graceful speaker in front of an audience.

How to be a graceful speaker in front of an audience

1. Watch video clips of famous speakers speaking in front of an audience. Pay attention to their pronunciation and intonation.

2. Make hand notes of the topics and practice delivering speech on those topics in a close room or in front of a familiar audience. Let them suggest you where you need to improve.

3. Make a list of difficult topics that you need to explain in plain language. Practice until you become verbose and spontaneous.

4. Record your speech and listen to it yourself, you might find something which requires improvement, spontaneity, and improvement in other areas.

5. Practice your speaking in front of a mirror and try to find out which stances, gestures, and facial expressions are not particularly helpful.

6. Maintain a good body language, it helps audience grow faith in the speaker and pay more attention to him.

7. Avoid repeating something.

8. You need to be well aware about the occasion, its chief guest, special guest and the chairman.

9. Stand confidently in front of speaking dais; if there is no dais, be sure not to keep your hands in your trouser’s pocket.

10. Dress properly as per the occasion.

11. Maintain your normal voice tone while speaking.

12. Stick to your topic; do not drift away talking about unrelated topics.

13. Start with good salutation and end nicely.

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