How to be a Good Housewife

A good housewife should be called a Homemaker. Because she is the person who turns a house into a home. A good housewife can turn her home the best place on earth for her family. At home, her family members can feel relaxed, happy and out of all stress. Being a good housewife is not an easy task at all. In fact, it is the most difficult tasks, especially in Indian sub-continent. In India, a housewife doesn’t only have to take care of her husband and children, but close relatives of her husband as well. Getting along with those relationships could be stressful and a whole book could be written on coping in that particular area. But in general, you may really make a difference by following these tips below:

How to be a good housewife

1. Get up early in the morning. And after having your bodily ablution done, wake up the sleepy heads with a big smile.

2. Schedule the whole day in advance; write down important activities on sticky notes and place them on your fridge.

3. Make something different for breakfast from the previous day.

4. After your man and children leave home, tidy up stuffs, do the pressing and cleaning.

5. Go to kitchen to prepare lunch and plan the menu for dinner.

6. Take a beauty nap at noon if you can. If it helps read newspaper or a documentary or anything that you enjoy on television.

7. Make some snacks for evening.

8. Help husband or kids in their works: file managing, homework etc.

9. Serve dinner and go to sleep.

10. Don’t forget to listen to music while you are working.

Shares your feelings with your family members, and include them to you daily works. When they have to do your work they will value you and feel proud of you.

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