How praying can help us cope with everything

Life is full of pain for everyone. Even wealthy people are not always happy. Everyone goes through matters of uncertainness. Poor people work hard, but cannot change their condition. These are common scenarios. Some people loose health, some money, some loose honor, status, character. But there is always a getaway from these situations. The getaway is praying. Praying can help us cope with everything.

I know about a mother who changed her condition just by praying to god. She was suffering from depression. She was thinking about committing suicide. But then she heard a song playing. The song was a pray to god for giving strength and peace. The world may be a hard place to live but it is us who make it like this. She forgot that god was close to her waiting to listen to her prayers. She just needed to tell her sorrows and pains to Him.

I also know a young man who got rid of the grief of his mother’s demise by praying to God. Praying is a way to reach God. It raises the feelings of happiness and safety. It unconsciously makes us feel better. God is supreme. He loves us. Many of us don’t believe in God. But most of us believe in a supreme entity who is controlling everything around us. Praying is the most simple way to understand and feel God or that supreme entity; and to reach inside the You in you.

There is a businessman who became sick worrying about his business. One day, he went to a crunch and prayed to God. Gradually he got over his tensions and his business got better. He said, “God does everything for a positive reason.” We should not worry and keep our faith in God.

The night before exam is always a horrible night for me. So, I take some time to communicate with God by praying to Him. It loosens me up. It helps reducing my sorrows and fears. I feel much relaxed. Also my prayers did answer in the end. My score was not as bad as I suspected, at least I didn’t fail. So pray to God and get relief from meaningless worries.

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