Harmful effects of foreign TV programs

In many countries, local television companies show many foreign television programs instead of broadcasting the locally made programs. In my opinion, this has had a harmful effect on the culture and tradition of those countries.

Firstly, it causes a gap of acceptance of tradition among generations of people. Some people say that it is important to know about traditions and cultures of different countries of the world. While this may be important to some extent, but the young generation gets more influenced by these foreign traditions. As a result, language, food-habit, style of clothing and behavior of the young people lose its unique local tradition and much influenced by foreign trends.

Secondly, television channel owners often argue that foreign programs cost less. Also, local television companies get to earn much more by showing ads of foreign products. This may be true. But it leads to an addiction to those foreign TV serials among young generation. As a matter of fact, they spend too much time watching those serials while eating junk food. It leads to less physical movements, which in turn causes obesity, diabetes, eyesight problems etc. We’ve already seen these tendencies in rich countries such as America and European countries.

Thirdly, defenders of foreign television programs often point out that they provide us with much better TV serials, documentaries, and movies. While local medias can’t invest so much due to lack of sets, studios and lots of other staffs, they just give in. Local media companies just can’t cope with the foreign television companies when it comes to quality and budget. It makes us to become more dependent on them, which in turn puts huge pressure on our creativity. One instance could be how we celebrate the New Year now.

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