Tips for good result in the Examination

Being meritorious does not ensure that you will secure good result in the examination. You need to study regularly and maintain discipline. Here are some proven tips that can help you secure good marks in exams.

Plan ahead

You must plan at the very beginning of the course. Set long term and short term goals and find means to achieve those goals.

Give importance to all subjects

But the subjects that seem to be comparatively difficult should be given more attention. Prioritize your subjects in term of difficulty. Read subjects which seem to be easy at leisure.

Take help from your teachers, seniors and classmates

Many students feel shy to tell their problems to their teachers. Apart from classes, a student should seek help from their teachers outside classes. Similarly he should know how to take help from seniors and classmates.

Be regular in your classes

Many weak students overcome their shortcomings by attending classes regularly. Teachers not only impart lessons sequentially but also provide them with required motivation that helps them go ahead.

Read different books on same subject

Only one book on one subject may not make every lesson clear to you. So you should read books of different writers on a subject.

Have idea about question sets of recent years

You should study the question papers which have been set in the recent examinations. It will help you understand the subject more clearly and make you confident about examination.

Make notes

Prepare your notes and enrich them with required information, data and charts. Don’t borrow notes form others and memorize them.

Revise your books several times

The more you revise your subjects the more confident you will be. Revising a book unravels the dimensions of the subject matter.

Be careful about presentation on answer scripts

The examiners feel bored to see a script written casually. If your hand writing is good, your page is properly indented, and if you know how to highlight important points, the examiner is attracted and surely you will be awarded.

Be careful about grammar, spelling

For all subjects, your language should be rich and free from grammatical and spelling mistakes.

Compare yourself with other good students

If you compare yourself with other students, you will find on which aspect you should give more attention. You will get impetus to work more to achieve your desired goal.

I hope you will follow the suggestions and secure good marks in exams.

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