How to ensure freshness of food in a refrigerator?

You need good refrigerator to preserve the quality and freshness of your food. You need to keep the interior and exterior of your refrigerator clean and then use proper methods to preserve your food in a refrigerator. I guess you have a quality refrigerator already. So, here’s how to ensure freshness of food in a refrigerator.

Clean your refrigerator for preserving freshness of food

1. Switch it off and unplug the power cord from socket.

2. You need to take out all the food including vegetables, fruits, cold drinks, beefs, fish, mutton, chickens etc. It may take time to remove frozen beef, mutton, fish, and chicken from the freezer. Just leave the door open for a while and apply a little warm water over those frozen items.

3. Do not use sharp objects to remove the food quickly; it may damage the evaporator piping which is just beneath the plastic surface of the freezer.

4. Take out the racks or shelves from the fridge.

5. Remove vegetable box and crisper from the chamber carefully without making any damage to the hinges or support of the box.

6. Once your refrigerator is empty, you are ready to clean it. Take 2 or 3 liters of warm water and mix 2 tablespoon detergent powder in it. Mix it well and soak a clean cotton cloth in it. Then use the cloth to wash the interior of the fridge and the freezer.

7. Once you are done washing, take a clean cotton cloth and soak it with warm water and wipe the areas where you applied detergent water earlier. Make sure the wiping makes the interior dry.

8. Follow the same process for cleaning the exterior and make it dry.

Warning: Do not use water soaked cloth on the compressor or electrical wires at the back. You may clean it with hand brush and dry cloth.

The right way to preserve food in a refrigerator

1. Put your beef, mutton, fish, chicken etc in separate transparent food preserving green bags when storing them in freezer.

2. You may put your cooked food, dairy products etc in recyclable plastic container for storing in the fridge. If your container doesn’t have lid, you may use aluminum foil paper. Never store anything in your fridge or freezer if it is hot; let it cool first and then store it.

3. Do not place anything on the shelves inside the fridge that can obstruct cold air flow.

4. Maintain the temperature of freezer and fridge according to weather conditions.

5. Wrap fresh vegetables in greenBags and store them in vegetable box.

6. Keep cold drinks, milk bottles and other beverages in the door racks.

7. Do not keep the doors of your fridge for a long time unless you are cleaning. Keeping the door open for longer period or opening every now and then will cause the compressor running for longer period. It may not only degrade the atmosphere inside but also put too much pressure on the compressor.

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