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When to Love - Before or After Marriage: There is nothing more controversial than this. Before you marry, you fall in love. But real love doesn't happen until you marry. Some people believe,

Friends Can be Family: It said that blood is thicker than water, but sometimes there are exemptions, for FAMILY doesnít only mean affiliation by blood or by marriage. It can

How to be a Good Housewife: A good housewife should called a Home Maker. Because she is the person who manage the home. A good home maker can make a home best place of the earth.

Love You - Mom and Dad: I don't know what to write in an article or how to write. I just want to share my feeling what I feel for my parents. I want to tell them something bu

How to Protect Your Child from Drug Addiction: The tentacles of drugs have alarmingly spread over children and youth of society. Children in the age range of eleven to sixteen resort to addiction o

Differences among love, like & attraction: In our day to day life we use the terms like 'Love',' like' and 'attraction' but often we misuse or misplace these words as their meanings are almost

How to shape the future of your child: Many parents love their children so blindly that they canít see fault of their children. While every parent wants to secure a bright future for their

Confession of A Metalhead Continued: Our second year tour is starting from tomorrow. We will start our journey for Rangamati tonight. That means I won't be able to see her for about a wee

Confession of A Metalhead - The End: One evening we were making out in the central field. I didn't notice some people were walking by us. She saw them and pushed me aside. She was embarra

Friendship Tips - Whom to Avoid as Your Friends: Every human being has mistakes, wrong conceptions, flaws inside him. No one is perfect. We all are guilty and full of flaws. Committing sin is our ins