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When to Love - Before or After Marriage: There is nothing more controversial than this. Before you marry, you fall in love. But real love doesn't happen until you marry. Some people believe,

Friends Can be Family: It said that blood is thicker than water, but sometimes there are exemptions, for FAMILY doesnít only mean affiliation by blood or by marriage. It can

Love You - Mom and Dad: I don't know what to write in an article or how to write. I just want to share my feeling what I feel for my parents. I want to tell them something bu

How to be a Good Housewife: A good housewife should called a Home Maker. Because she is the person who manage the home. A good home maker can make a home best place of the earth.

How to Protect Your Child from Drug Addiction: The tentacles of drugs have alarmingly spread over children and youth of society. Children in the age range of eleven to sixteen resort to addiction o

Differences among love, like & attraction: In our day to day life we use the terms like 'Love',' like' and 'attraction' but often we misuse or misplace these words as their meanings are almost

Confession of A Metalhead Continued: Our second year tour is starting from tomorrow. We will start our journey for Rangamati tonight. That means I won't be able to see her for about a wee

How to shape the future of your child: Many parents love their children so blindly that they canít see fault of their children. While every parent wants to secure a bright future for their

Confession of A Metalhead - The End: One evening we were making out in the central field. I didn't notice some people were walking by us. She saw them and pushed me aside. She was embarra

Friendship Tips - Whom to Avoid as Your Friends: Every human being has mistakes, wrong conceptions, flaws inside him. No one is perfect. We all are guilty and full of flaws. Committing sin is our ins