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Dreams, Nightmares and Superstitions: This article is mainly for the people of new generation who does not believe in superstitious facts. Even I'm one of them. But what I have happened to

Mystery about ALIENS and UFOs: The existence of aliens can be proved by the conception of UFO. Because UFO canít be a transport or machine made by human. Even our rudder system caní

My Pen Pal Tuhin And The Paranormal Event: They say if you are persistent in perusing something or knowing something, you'll eventually get it. Well, I have always been too curious about supern

The Night of Eclipse & The Game of Ouija - Planchette: Suddenly Riya pulled out a Ouija (plan-chette) board. I had never seen one before and had no idea what the game was all about. Riya was saying, " Guyz

Mysterious Solution To Mysterious Problem: Then his elder brother brought him near a pond to wash his hands and legs. At once he noticed that his younger cousin started to run away. He shouted

The Mysterious Room Where the 17 Year Old Girl Lived: Some of the frightened villagers began to leave the place. But the whole situation would remain so mysterious and ghostly to the villagers. Also I get