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Harmful effects of foreign TV programs on our culture: I believe that if we as voters pressured our government to make certain rules for choosing & broadcasting these foreign programs and make local televi

Is WWE Real or Fake: True Facts: WWE a sport that has millions of followers but the one thing that people are always wondering about is it real, though many people simply claim that i

Male and Female Drug Addiction in Dhaka City: Drug addiction is one of the greatest problems of Bangladesh. Especially the young generation and teenagers are directly affected by taking it. Both t

Good and Bad About Growing Population in Dhaka City: There is a good and bad in all aspect of life. So is the case with increasing population in Dhaka city. To start with bad aspect about the growing cit

Effects of Money on Our Lives: Money is a medium of transaction in all countries in the world. It was meant to pay up debts, purchase any commodity and so on. Before money came to e

The Offence for Which Death Penalty is Ordered: The penal code 1860 which is the law, by which maximum of punishment is given in Bangladesh. There are 511 sections in this law. The familiar section

Education of Rural Women in Bangladesh: There is a dire need to educate the rural women. But in fact, these women are not familiar with education. They are also not aware about their social

Constructive and Pleasing Activities for Spare Time: After appearing SSC or HSC or equivalent, Many people lose their leisure time by just thinking and trying to decide what they should do. Nevertheless,

Parental restrictions on children's access to modern technology: From the day of the first arrival of human in this world, he has felt the necessity of invention for living. There is no reason of beginning a writing

Preventing Accidents in Dhaka and other Cities of Bangladesh: Since it won't be easy to stop road accidents, my opinion is to impose capital punishment to killer drivers, impose heavy fine and to seize driving li