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Why Do People Read Books, Newspaper and Magazines: When we wake up in the morning, we usually go to our doorstep to check whether the hawker has kept the newspaper at our doorstep or not. Without readi

Life of Hazrat Muhammad (Sm) : He began to meditate upon the higher problems of life and death in the cave of Mount Hera alone. At last revelation came to him at the age of forty an

Brain Mechanisms that Lead to Overeating: Overeating is an eating disorder which can be mentioned as food addiction. It is just similar to drug addiction and a part of our brain is responsible

What is New Year - How to Observe New Year: New year means a new morning, a new sun, a new bird, a new day, a new vision, a new dream ,a new friend, a new love, a new belief, a new life, a new w

Real Spiderman and Living Liliputs : Alae Robert (46) a French has been titled as the "Living Spiderman". Firstly he was called by this name only by his relatives & dear ones, untill he r

Mysterious Black Hole and The Future of Our Universe: The birth of a black hole begins from the destruction of a big star. When a big star like sun, or hundred times bigger than sun destroys, the whole gr

Galactic Travel Terms: Light Year, Andromeda, Quintillion: The galaxy Andromida is 21 quintillion kilometer away from earth. Now to express this term in numerical value we've to put 18 zeros after 21. Very com

Origin of Existence on Earth and Beyond: Everybody knows water is the main element of life. Without water life is impossible. The first life was made from water. The chemical symbol of this e

What Teeth Are For: As we chew our food we mix it with the saliva in the mouth. This saliva helps to digest the food after it has reached the stomach. And that is the rea

What is Robotics - The Laws of Robotics: Three Laws of Robotics: A robot must not harmful for human being or through inaction, allows one to come to harm. A robot must always obey human being