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The Arms and the Man - a Perfect Anti-romantic Comedy: George Bernard Shaw’s play “Arms and the Man” is a thought provoking play. The play definitely has an anti-romantic tone. The romantic notion of vario

Influence of University Wits in English Literature: University Wits are a group of young dramatists who wrote and performed in London towards the end of the 16th century. They are called University Wits

Is science blessing or curse: The article argues about whether science is important to us or not.

Romantic Elements in W.B. Yeats' poetry: The problems of old age haunted the poets mind and he felt miserable thinking about the sensual unfitness of an aged being. He sought can escape a ref

Social Criticism of Blake: the society in which we live, and its institutions are not exactly what we are traditionally taught or compelled to believe in or accept. The poet, Bl

My Country Bangladesh - My Pride: It is not the country to blame, For some of the people's ideas were and are lame. Our leaders are busy decorating their lives with luxuries, While onl

Love Themes in Shakespearean Sonnets: The sonnets of Shakespeare, 154 in number, have been the subjects of many literary controversies. The problems raised by this sonnet have taxed the mi

How to Build Up Your Voice to Sing Classical Songs Properly: Classical song is so much important for our voice. Practicing classical song can make your voice more sharp. You can make your voice more attractive b

Why Shakespeare is so Famous Still Today: Shakespeare is the king in the realm of literature. How he could hold the superior position among the poets and writers is a mystery still today. His

Words Lying Buried Deep: In a hot summer morning on the eve of ushering in the Baishakh, Shahed kept sitting idle and sweating, never minding calling the name of fourteen gene