Tips for Men to Have Long Time Sex

- by imamibnsayed

Sex is a great part of human life. It plays a vital role for have long life and good health. Everybody wants to have a long time and charming sex. If you're a virgin (or even been in physical relationship for a long time) you may be worried about how to increase time for sex and how to get more pleasure. Well, here some effective tips to have a long time and charming sex.

1. Take bath before sex. Donít use soap for that

2. Use soft perfume.

3. Take three almonds and a table spoon of sugar before sex.

4. Use pure honey as lubricant. Itís really awesome.

5. Listen melodious song or instrumental while having sex.

6. Every day morning take a short massage with hot butter for your penis.

7. Just keep a clove in your mouth during sex.

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