How to Know if You're Sick or Healthy

- by Ryo

Sometimes you may require a quick check of your health. But how do you know you are sick? How can you be sure you are healthy? You can find that out by doing some simple test on your own.

1. Checking Body Heat: You can test your body heat with a thermometer. 98.4c is normal body heat. But if over 99c then you are sick. If its over 101c then you are really sick.

2. Checking Pulse: You can check pulse by putting your thumb to the underside of the wrist. An one year old's pulse is 120 to 140 times per minute. For two to five years old 90 to 105 times per minute. For 6 to 15 years old 80 to 90 times. For 16 to 60 years old 70 to 75 times and for older people 50 to 65 times

3. Breathing: One year old breaths 30 times per minute. Two years old breaths 25 times. 3 to 14 years old 21 to 24 times. Over 15 years old 18 to 20 times. Slow and worm breathing is good but cold and fast breathing is a bad sign.


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Connection among Pulse, Breathing and Heat: If body heat increases 1 degree then pulse will increase 10 times and breathing 2. In normal body heat pulse is 75 and breathing 20 times. But if your body heat increases to 100 degree than the pulse will be 91 times and breathing 22 or 23 times per minute.
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