How to Bade Goodbye to Your Bad Habits

- by tiger61

Habits reflect the human character. We have both good habits as well as bad habits. Both of these habits are acquired/learned by different means; some from parents; some of the habits from teachers; some from friends and some from watching TV. Some of the habits are praiseworthy, that means it is good and some of its are unpraised, that means it is bad. I will just mention simply; how to bade goodbye to your bad habits.

1. Show respect by standing up while the teacher enters or leaves the class. Here the word teacher means senior and respectable person; if you are in service, he/she may be your boss/trainer.
2. Do not keep your shirts button open; showing your chest to others. Keep your button shut all the time if you are in public.
3. Do not put fingers in your nostrils in a visible place.
4. Do not cough unnecessarily and split in public; it is unhealthy for you as well as others.

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Do not talk loudly while talking with mobile in public.
6. Do not shout in Mosque or worship place.
7. Eat nicely and slowly at restaurant. Follow the restaurant manner. If you donít know then just take a look of others how are they doing it.
8. Never smoke in public; if you are a smoker. Better try to give up this habit; it burns your money and destroys your health and also of surrounding people.
9. Behave in a nice way with poor and distress people. Remember, if your rough behavior struck their mind; they may not pray for your goodwill to Allah- Pak and Allah accepts their prayer.
10. Never chew your nail or cut your nail by your teeth. Use nail cutter in proper place.
11. Never wet your finger by putting in your month to alter the page of book or copy.
12. Do not put hand on the shoulder of your friend if you are at school.
13. Do not fold your leg or keep your feet up while sitting on chair.
14. Do not run the water of your basin all the time while brushing your teeth or shaving.
15. Do not forget to shut the valve of your gas stove after cooking. Never let it burn whole night for only one match stick.
16. Do not dry your laundry over the gas stove. It may cause serious accident; risking your life and property.
17. Keep your electrical switches off while not in use.
18. Never take bribe from any person for any work which you can do.
19. Never tell a lie and always speak the truth. You will feel satisfaction in your mind which is god gifted.

Finally, try to give up your bad habits which you may feel; it is really bad. Your efforts will be praised by all and you will be at the heart of every people of your society. All will love you which you cannot buy by money. People will follow you and you may be one of the role model of your community.
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