Get Relief from a Heavy Headache Without Medicines

- by onlyFMF

How many of you arenít scared of a heavy headache?? I donít think that anybody will say `me.í A headache is something that is just alone enough to make our life hell. When suffering from a headache, we just canít live, canít work, canít do anything. It just screws up our whole day. We know that sleep is a great way to escape from headaches, but many a times, we do not have that time to sleep in between our work or etc. So, Iím hereby discussing a great way to get a good relief from a heavy paining headache.

We all know about lemon. So, what you have to do is - just take 1 lemon and a glass. Cut the lemon and bring out the juice and hold it in the glass. Donít add anything like sugar or water. Now, taking the glass, go to your room and sit on something, maybe a bed or a reclining chair or something. Before drinking the juice, be sure to choose a nearby place where you can put the glass closing your eyes.

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Then, close your eyes and drink all the juice in one turn. No matter how sour is that, just take the juice as a medicine and drink all. Then and then, put your glass aside and lie down from 2-5 minutes. Then,,,, MAGIC.

I am sure that you will get a good relief from the burning headache.

Cautions -
1. Donít add anything to the juice.
2. Drink all the juice in one sip.
3. Donít open your eyes from the moment you drank the juice and donít open it for 2-5 minutes. This helps your mind and body to be steady and work more efficiently.
4. Donít move or do anything after you have drunk the juice.

This process is more helpful as you will need no medicines and it doesn't create any health-hazards.

If you be careful about the above mentioned points and do as I have discussed, I am sure you will be relieved. PLEASE BE SURE TO LET ME KNOW ABOUT YOUR FEELINGS AFTER DOING THIS.
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