Little Bangladesh in Yerevan

I am from Armenia, one of the oldest countries in the world. And our capital city is Yerevan, which is also my home town. Yerevan is very old and young at the same time and has lots of places of interest. But I am not going to tell you about my city, I want to tell you a very curious thing. We have a little Bangladesh in Yerevan. You may ask what it means. Well, Bangladesh in Yerevan is one of the most popular and largest districts. Even more curiously, those who live in Bangladesh in Yerevan are called Bangladeshis just like the ones who live in the country named Bangladesh located in the Indian subcontinent. They are Armenians, but they are Bangladeshis at the same time. Yes, it sounds strange, but it is true. And they are so proud of being Bangladeshi.

Yerevan is a city of tradition, and every district has its “laws” and traditions. Bangladesh is one of the leading districts. There are lots of big shops, factories, offices, and parks here. The people are very sociable, kind, hard-working and proud. The Bangladesh district is like a little country in a city, and though the 99 percent of the citizens there are Armenians, we still call them Bangladeshis. The residents never want to move to another district. I don’t know why we call one of the youngest and biggest districts of Yerevan, BANGLADESH. Perhaps the name sounded interesting and nice to us, or maybe we called it so because it is a suburb, a little faraway district of the city; faraway, as Bangladesh.

Anyway, from all the countries of the world, we chose exactly Bangladesh, and we love this part of the city and its name. And still, I wonder, is there any other nation, who has ever called a part of their city by a name of any country. If you ever come to Yerevan, you should visit Bangladesh in Yerevan, and see what a great place it is!

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  1. There was a big Armenian community in Dhaka in the sixteenth and seventeenth century… In fact, there is a place in Dhaka called Armenitola named after the Armenian community that used to live there… These two names could be correlated in some way; perhaps History has an account of that.

  2. Dhaka is the capital of Bangladesh. And there’s a place in Dhaka named ‘Armanitola’ which is named after ‘Armenia’.

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